New in version 12.3

Doctrine DBAL supports custom driver middlewares since version 3. These middlewares act as a decorator around the actual Driver component. Subsequently, the Connection, Statement and Result components can be decorated as well. These middlewares must implement the \Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\Middleware interface. A common use case would be a middleware to implement SQL logging capabilities.

For more information on driver middlewares, see the Architecture chapter of the Doctrine DBAL documentation. Furthermore, look up the implementation of the EXT:adminpanel/Classes/Log/DoctrineSqlLoggingMiddleware.php (GitHub) in the Admin Panel system extension as an example.

Registering a new driver middleware

In this example, the custom driver middleware MyMiddleware is added to the Default connection:

EXT:my_extension/ext_localconf.php | config/system/additional.php


use MyVendor\MyExtension\Database\Log\MyMiddleware;

defined('TYPO3') or die();

    = MyMiddleware::class;