TypoScript configuration

Each Extbase extension has some settings which can be modified using TypoScript. Many of these settings affect aspects of the internal configuration of Extbase and Fluid. There is also a block settings in which you can set extension specific settings that can be accessed in the controllers and Fluid templates of your extension.

TypoScript for all frontend plugins can be set in the typoscript block plugin.tx_[lowercasedextensionname], for example plugin.tx_blogexample.

TypoScript for a specific frontend plugin can be set in the typoscript block plugin.tx_[lowercasedextensionname]_[pluginname], for example plugin.tx_blogexample_postsingle. Settings made here override settings from plugin.tx_blogexample.

TypoScript for all backend modules can be set in module.tx_[lowercasedextensionname], for example module.tx_blogexample, for a specific backend module in module.tx_<lowercaseextensionname>_<lowercasepluginname>.

For details of the available configuration values see plugin in the TypoScript Reference.

Plugin configuration

plugin.tx_blogexample {
    settings {
        postsPerPage = 3

In the controller use $this->settings['postsPerPage'] to access the TypoScript setting.