Page based Routing

TYPO3 allows page based routing (that is mapping pages to routes) out of the box.


To enable page based routing, add a site configuration (see Site handling) for your web site. To see which route gets mapped to which page, open the page properties and look at the slug field.

How a page slug is generated is configured via TCA configuration of the pages table (field slug). You can adjust that configuration in your extensions' TCA/Overrides/pages.php. See TCA reference (see Slugs / URL parts for available options).


An upgrade wizard has been provided that will take care of generating slugs for all existing pages. If you used RealURL before, the wizard tries to use the RealURL caches to generate matching slugs. However, this will not be successful in all cases and you should recheck the generated slugs if you want the URL structure to stay the same after an upgrade.