Fluid syntax


Assign a variable in PHP:

$this->view->assign('title', 'An example title');

Output it in a Fluid template:


The result:

<h1>An example title</h1>

In the template’s HTML code, simply wrap the variable name into curly braces to output it:

Arrays and objects

Assign an array in PHP:

$this->view->assign('data',array('Low', 'High'));

Use the dot . to access array keys:

<p>{data.0}, {data.1}</p>

This also works for object properties:


Use it like this:

<p>{product.name}: {product.price}</p>

Accessing dynamic keys/properties

It is possible to access array or object values by a dynamic index:


ViewHelper attributes

See the Fluid Viewhelper Reference for a complete list of all available ViewHelpers.


Variables can be inserted into ViewHelper attributes by putting them in curly braces:

Now it is: <f:format.date format="{format}">{date}</f:format.date>