Extension integration

This section describes how an extension author can get his extension set up at Crowdin.


  • Your extension must be on GitHub, GitLab (SaaS or self-managed) or BitBucket.

  • Currently, TYPO3 can only handle one branch/version for languages. Typically you should select the "main" branch.


Get in contact with the team in the TYPO3 Slack channel #cig-crowdin-localization with the following information:

  1. Extension name

  2. Information if your extension is already available on the previous translation server

  3. Your email address for an invitation to Crowdin, so you will get the correct role for your project.


In a next step you need to configure the integration of your Git provider into Crowdin. Have a look at the documentation on how to connect your repository with Crowdin:

Happy translating!


Checkout the Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for solutions to common pitfalls.