The folder EXT:my_extension/Configuration/Backend/ may contain configuration that is important within the TYPO3 Backend.

All files in this directory are automatically included during the TYPO3 bootstrap.


Complete path: EXT:my_extension/Configuration/Backend/AjaxRoutes.php

In this file routes for Ajax requests that should be used in the backend can be defined.

Read more about Using Ajax in the backend.

return [
    'example_dosomething' => [
        'path' => '/example/do-something',
        'target' => \Vendor\MyExtension\Controller\ExampleController::class . '::doSomethingAction',


Complete path: EXT:my_extension/Configuration/Backend/Routes.php

This file maps from paths used in the backend to the controller that should be used.

Most backend routes defined in the TYPO3 core can be found in the following file, which you can use as example:

EXT:backend/Configuration/Backend/Routes.php (GitHub)

Read more about Backend routing.


Complete path: EXT:my_extension/Configuration/Backend/Modules.php.

This file is used for the Backend module configuration. See that chapter for details.