This chapter describes the syntax of TypoScript. The TypoScript syntax and its parser logic is mainly used in two different contexts: Frontend TypoScript to configure frontend rendering and TSconfig to configure backend details for backend users.

While the underlying TypoScript syntax is described in this chapter, both use cases and their details are found in standalone manuals:


The TypoScript parser has been rewritten with TYPO3 v12. The new implementation is more resilient and more performant. This chapter has been rewritten for TYPO3 v12. Some hints are given throughout the document where the new parser is more relaxed or more strict. Refer to older versions of this chapter when using TYPO3 versions older than v12. More details of changes implemented with the new parser can be found in this Breaking: #97816 - TypoScript syntax changes and this Feature: #97816 - TypoScript syntax improvements changelog entries.

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