Site settings

Changed in version 12.1

Before TYPO3 v12.1 the site settings were stored in the config.yaml file under the settings key. An upgrade wizard copies the settings to the new settings.yaml file.

Settings are not removed from the config.yaml file for now, but will not have any effect anymore as soon as a settings.yaml file exists.

Please review your settings in the config.yaml file and remove them manually. Eventually, you need and/or want to adopt your deployment workflow.

Site settings can be used to provide settings for a site. They can be accessed via

For instance, settings can be used in custom frontend code to deliver features which might vary per site for extensions. An example may be to configure storage page IDs.

The settings are defined in the config/sites/<my_site>/settings.yaml file.

Adding site settings

Add settings to the settings.yaml:

config/sites/<my_site>/settings.yaml | typo3conf/sites/<my_site>/settings.yaml
categoryPid: 658
      pid: 23

Accessing site settings in page TSconfig or TypoScript

// store tx_ext_data records on the given storage page by default (e.g. through IRRE) = {$categoryPid}

// load category selection for plugin from out dedicated storage page
TCEFORM.tt_content.pi_flexform.ext_pi1.sDEF.categories.PAGE_TSCONFIG_ID = {$categoryPid}