LocalizationUtility (Extbase)

This class is used to translate strings within Extbase context. For an example see Localization in Extbase.

class LocalizationUtility
Fully qualified name

Localization helper which should be used to fetch localized labels.

translate ( string $key, ?string $extensionName = NULL, ?array $arguments = NULL, ?TYPO3\CMS\Core\Localization\Locale|string|null $languageKey = NULL)

Returns the localized label of the LOCAL_LANG key, $key.

param $key

The key from the LOCAL_LANG array for which to return the value.

param $extensionName

The name of the extension, default: NULL

param $arguments

The arguments of the extension, being passed over to sprintf, default: NULL

param $languageKey

The language key or null for using the current language from the system, default: NULL

Return description

The value from LOCAL_LANG or null if no translation was found.