Extbase Examples

Example extensions

Tea example

The extension ttn/tea , is based on Extbase and Fluid. The extension features a range of best practices in relation to automated code checks, unit/functional/acceptance testing and continuous integration.

You can also use this extension to manage your collection of delicious teas.

Blog example

The extension t3docs/blog-example contains working examples of all the features documented in the Extbase Reference manual.

This extension should not be used as a base for building your own extension or used to blog in a live environment.

If you want to set up a blog, take a look at the t3docs/blog-example extension or combine georgringer/news with a comment extension of your choice.

Real-world examples

Backend user module

In the TYPO3 Core, the system extension typo3/cms-beuser has backend modules based on Extbase. It can therefore be used as a guide on how to develop backend modules with Extbase.


georgringer/news implements a versatile news system based on Extbase & Fluid and uses the latest technologies provided by the Core.