Detect, analyze and repair a hacked site

Most websites do not get hacked. If yours did, there is something wrong with it, or with the server, or with the hosting environment, or with the security on your desktop computer, your editors' computers, etc. You have to figure out how this happened so you can prevent it from happening again. It is not enough to simply restore a hacked site – it will most likely be hacked again, sooner or later.

In case your server or TYPO3 website has been hacked, a number of steps should be taken to restore the system and to prevent further attacks. Some recommended actions are described in this chapter but always keep in mind: if you are already in the situation that you have to restore a hacked site, focus on the limitation of damage and do not react over-hastily.

Steps to take when a site got hacked

Please see the following chapters on the actions to take: