Localization with Crowdin

What is Crowdin?

Crowdin is a cloud-based localization management platform and offers features essential for delivering great translation:

Single source
Translate text once that is used in different versions and parts of the software.
Machine translation
Let machines do the first pass and then human-translators can edit the suggestions.
We can use our own TYPO3 glossary to make sure specific words are properly translated (for example, "Template" in German, "TypoScript" or "SEO").
Translation memory
We can reuse existing translations, no matter if done for the TYPO3 Core or an extension.

Contribute translations

There are basically two cases where you can provide a helping hand:

Join the Localization Team and help where you can. This can be the translation of a whole extension into your language or the revision of a part of the Core.

  1. Contribution to the general translation of the TYPO3 Core and extensions: As TYPO3 is growing in features and functionality, the need for translating new labels grows as well. You can contribute with help while TYPO3 is growing. Join in and give a hand where you can. This can be the translation of a whole extension into your language or the revision of a part of the Core.
  2. If you develop extensions, you can make the extension available for translation. Just follow Extension integration to make it available to the translation team.

Even if you do not see yourself as a translator, you can still participate. In case you stumble across a typo, an error or an untranslated term in your language in TYPO3: Log in to Crowdin, join the project where you found the typo and make a suggestion for the label in your language.

The quality of your work is more important than its quantity. Ensure correct spelling (for example, capitalization), grammar, and punctuation. Use only terminology that is consistent with the rest of the language pack. Do not make mistakes in the technical parts of the strings, such as variable placeholders, HTML, etc. For these reasons, using an automatic translation (e.g. Google Translate) is never good enough.

For these reasons, using automatic translation (for example, Google Translate or DeepL) is never good enough.

All services and documents that are visible to the user are translated by the translation team. It does not matter which language you speak. We already have many language teams that are very active. Our goal is more diversity to help us with our work on internationalization.

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